Shaé was one of those urban careerists who used her oven for storing extra copies of Vogue but left her job and is now taking cues from Little House on the Prairie.

Shaé grew up in California and studied Literature at Point Loma Nazarene University in San Diego. Out of college she designed print and web materials for a manufacturing company in Brea. Latter she moved east, to Washington DC, with her husband, Adam, a doctor of physiology, and worked for The Office of the Defense Attaché, Embassy of the Kingdom of Bahrain. What did she do there? Lots!

Now she and her family are going back west. With Adam and their son Oliver, Shaé will once again make home the southern part of the state of California. Temporarily, anyway. Adam’s studying anesthesia at a school in Pasadena for two years and then they may all end up in Nashville, or possibly overseas, maybe Abu Dhabi; we will have to wait and see what the Lord has planned for these three. Four, if another baby comes along. As for the next couple years, life for Shaé will go on as a multidisciplinary artist, domestic explorer, and dare she claim it, homeschooler!

This is her consequent seasonal manifesto.

Favorite Things

Tea Time
Rainy Days
Hand Written Notes
One Pot Wonders
Things Made by Hand

Favorite Sites

The Selby
Industry of One
A Bloomsbury Life
Girls Gone Child

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