Table Talk

Table Talk March 6, 2013

Because, it’s an art form, and not everyone is a spoken creative. This is a wonderful parenting tool, a hospitable resource and a pleasure! Listen, learn, share, grow, and connect.

When I took time to consider the daily tradition of family dinner, I was amused by another’s suggestion to include talking topics at the table; inspired prompts to encourage conversation and sharing among family and friends. Impressed by the idea that regular meals and regular discussion can have a strong nurturing effect, I put together material for me and mine to chew on. Dedicated to informing and positively inspiring my own personal audience, I thought others might benefit from the links below to questions and games that aim to expand minds, build vocabularies, and keep conversation flowing at the table. I’ve also included a list of several common prayers and quotes to stir up gratitude and find new ways to give thanks and appreciate life’s gifts.

“The dining room, in fact, is the truest form of a living room. It’s where we grow, are nourished, and connect with one another.”  – N A T H A N   W I L L I A M S  {Founder of Kinfolk}




Interested in reading more about the benefits of regular dinners together and regular discussion? See my post on “Family Dinners.”


Today I whipped up french toast soldiers, read a collection of stories about a curious monkey, built a space ship, battled neighboring pirates, consoled, corrected, and encouraged, all before lunch.

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