The Habits of Supremely Happy People

Table Talk July 28, 2015

Before reviewing the following list in the link below, brainstorm with others around your table what you and they think the habits of supremely happy people are. Here’s one to get you started:

They nix the small talk for deeper conversation. Nothing wrong with shootin’ the you-know-what every now and then, but sitting down to talk about what makes you tick is a prime practice for feeling good about life. A study published in Psychological Science found that those who take part in more substantive conversation and less trivial chit chat experienced more feelings of satisfaction. “I wish I’d had the courage to express my feelings,” is one of the top five regrets of the dying — a sentiment that hints at the fact that people wish they’d spent less time talking about the weather and more time delving into what it is that makes their heart swell.

Review The Article: The Habits of Supremely Happy People by K A T E  B R A T S K E I R

Q: What is your intuition telling you about your current path? Is it telling you to go against the grain? Is it urging you to do something differently? It’s good to listen to the advice of others, but don’t forget to check in with your own intuition. If it leads you off the well worn path today, so be it.
 What do you appreciate about your life right now? As Socrates once said, “Contentment is natural wealth, luxury is artificial poverty.” Do not waste all your happiness by overlooking everything you have for everything you wish you had.  If you do, you will never have enough.  Instead, appreciate the goodness that is already yours, and you will instantly find a lot more to smile about.
Q: What would you like to remember about today? Do something worth remembering. Try something new. Express your love. Live your truth. Share your enthusiasm. Take action towards meaningful goals. Walk your talk. Embrace your gifts. Bounce to the beat of your own drum. Do whatever it takes to make everyday a good memory.
Q: What can you do tomorrow to make a positive difference in the lives around you? Being a genuinely good person, helping others, and leaving the world better than you found it is what a truly rich life is. Knowing deep down that you counted – that someone else’s life would not have been as well off without you in it – that’s priceless. That’s something worth working for.
Q: What is the most important thing you can do for your own well being? If you don’t take good care of yourself, then you can’t take good care of others either; which is why taking care of yourself is the best selfish thing you can do. Every new day is a chance to change your life. Work on making life all that you want it to be. Work hard for what you believe, and keep your dreams big and your worries small.


Today I whipped up french toast soldiers, read a collection of stories about a curious monkey, built a space ship, battled neighboring pirates, consoled, corrected, and encouraged, all before lunch.

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